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As kids my brother and I loved Tolkien, from the Hobbit through Lord of the Rings, the original books that is.  The beauty and magic of the world Tolkien created and the amazing characters he introduced us to along the way stirred a sense of adventure and wonder within me, lighting a fire not easily quenched. It didn’t take long for my brother to begin calling me, Billbo which he has done ever since.  Looking back over the years I have been on many adventures and I have found that while they can be “dirty nasty things” as Bilbo Baggins once said, they can also be wondrous in their beauty and discovery.

We are each on our own journey filled with thousands upon thousands of experiential moments and while these may be shared with others no two people experience them in the same way. It is my journey of discovery, both inner and outer, that I intend to share with you in this blog.  These are stories and observations not of the human condition, but of this humans’ condition.  They come to me in dreams or from a walk-through town.  Insightful or irreverent, sometimes funny sometimes not, perhaps beautiful and even poetic while at other times as gruff as a foremast jack in the age of sail each is written with heart and from the world I am experiencing as I write.



“Decide what to be and go be it” 

-The Avett Brothers


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