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Billbo’s Blog is an eclectic mix of stories and observations not of the human condition, but of this humans’ condition.  They come to me in dreams or from a walk-through town. Below each post is an option for comment. Your thoughts are always welcome!

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Wondrous Journey

We are all on this wondrous journey of life together. From the hills of Ireland to the South of India. Here you will find journeys of heart and spirit.




Billbo’s Lighter Side

A sometimes sideways look at life to lift your day. Observations and opinion sprinkled with a bit of humor.




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Together Scenes of violence flash across the screen.  Burning police cars, neighborhood shops looted and ablaze while business owners are beaten defending what they have built.  What ever happened to bringing peace through peaceful demonstration?  Have we completely forgotten the lessons and example of Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. King? Because it is my nature to … Continue reading Together

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