I Am Another Yourself

As he slept he dreamed his reality into existence.  Vast and glorious it grew and like the shadow of a coming night, it conquered the wilderness and spread across land.  He dreamed his cities as vast fortresses, powerful with many towered walls.  His armies were great in number and terrible to behold.  With their razor-sharp spears, they would march to war.  As his armies feasted on the horror that is war, conquering all that would stand in his way, he began to hear a faint and distant cry within, “I am another yourself”.

His dream would move on, it would grow. His unconsciousness expanding with new ways to shape his reality.  Higher and higher his cities rose and deeper into the earth he delved.  Great civilizations would rise and fall.  In his dream he immersed himself in technologies so small they could not be seen, yet held amazing power.  To feed his hunger for more he filled his lands with enormous factories of concrete and steel.  Their filth belching into the sky as their plastic waste choked the oceans.

He filled his world with flying machines and automobiles.  Such splendid toys he did devise.  Such wonderful creations, science and medicine, with the marvelous things they did for his world.  No longer would his civilization have to struggle against the wilderness.  He had the power to create enough to feed his entire world, yet the people suffered.  The cry within grew “I am another yourself”.

The more he dreamed the more he created.  The dream was expansive, ever growing outward from its core.  The experiences he devised were an adventure beyond compare.  Lifetime after lifetime it was an exciting, never-ending game he played with his soul.  The power of industry and the lure of technology intoxicated him.  The impermanence of each creation, however, ate at the heart of his being.  The illusory happiness they brought always slipping away like water through his fingers.  Trapped in an endless quest for more he became less.

“I am another yourself!” they cried, as they starved in the streets.  “I am another yourself!” they cried, as new and more powerful weapons were unleashed upon them.  “I am another yourself!”  they cried, as they choked on the toxic air and drowned in the fouled waters.  “I am another yourself!” they cried.

He had forgotten it was only a dream and became lost in his creation, entangled in its myth and magic.  Grasping at the illusion, ensnared by the endless cycles of death and rebirth, he sank in despair.  Yet always the cry came to him, a glimpse of his true nature.  “I am another yourself.”  For a moment he paused, he heard the cry clearly and pondered its meaning.  A spark of clarity, a flash of insight as if the clouds of delusion briefly cleared away giving him a tiny glimpse of the reality he had lost.  It was time to regain what he knew before the dream.  The seed of longing for truth sprouted in his heart and his quest for the clear-light, his true nature, had begun.

The delusions he had created ran deep and would not be easily defeated.  Great religions were devised as an answer to fill the void in his memory.  Much to his dismay the religions he created we become infected with worldly intoxications, entangling him ever more deeply in the web of his creation.  Lifetime after lifetime he struggled in his quest to clear away the ignorance and attachment.  Cutting through the deception his dreaming self would bring enlightened ones such as the Buddha or Christ to guide him.  Through these glorious beings he would catch a glimpse of what he truly was.  The illusion of the dream was strong, in his ignorance he fell prey to his own twisting of these master’s words and collapse into dogma.

Deep into the seas he would dive and out into space he would probe searching for that which he had lost. There is nothing new except what has been forgotten.  He made the quest much harder than it needed to be.

Exhausted, he paused for a moment’s silent reflection.  Between each breath fleeting moments of insight came as lightening flashing through his unsettled mind.  His direction changed, he began to look inward instead of always out.  Slowly he quieted his mind attempting to shut out the tremendous din he had created in his dream.  He could hear the now familiar voice growing within, clearer with each breath and always with the same message: “I am another yourself.  I am here as I have always been, with all the answers you seek.  To know me you need only let go and awaken”.


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