A Simple Tear

A solitary figure silently looked out over a calming sea, the fading sun softly outlined her form with a delicate glow.  A solitary tear emerged in the corner of her eye.  The lone teardrop sparkled with the last light of the setting sun.  Slowly the tear moved to the crest of her cheek where, for a timeless moment, it paused before streaming down her face and falling gracefully to the sand below.  The young woman, filled with emotion, turned and walked toward the dunes.  Gently a wave swept over the place where she had been standing and once again the tiny tear drop became a part of the sea.

Much like the soul of a person, the drop of water floated in an endless sea of consciousness.  The drop was unaware of the vastness of which it was a part.  It was unaware of its own uniqueness; it knew no separateness.  Rolling and flowing with the tides and the currents, the drop was content in its ignorance.

One day the tiny drop found itself riding the crest of a wave.  A sudden gust of wind lifted it from the sea and carried it aloft.  The sun’s intense heat expanded the tiny drop making it lighter.  The lighter it became the higher into the sky it went, until at last it was high above the sea.  The drop took delight in its new form.  It enjoyed drifting along on a breeze and soon forgot about its life in the sea. In this scattered form the drop was becoming aware.

The drop soon joined others like itself and formed a tremendous cloud with winds carrying it higher into the sky only to descend once again.  Passing over land the drop became heavier as more gathered to it.  Vague memories of the sea as if from a dream, reached out to the drop calling it home.

Becoming heavier and more solid the drop began to feel the song of the sea.  It did not understand the persistent call and was compelled to follow it.  Letting go of the cloud to which it clung the drop began its descent to the earth; beginning its journey home.

As the drop fell toward the earth it noticed the multitude of other drops falling with it and found joy in their shared journey.  Amazed at how similar each drop appeared, yet so unique and individual, each having its own quality of life.  The drop soon came to realize that no matter how individual they were in experiencing their journey they were all bound towards a common destination.

The feeling of the earth was strange.  Together with the millions of other drops it rushed along the ground pouring into a small creek.   Out of control and quite lost it flowed with the current not realizing the part it played in creating the current.

The tiny creek soon fed into a bigger stream which in turn became an ever widening river.  The drop was filled with wonder by the size of the world in which it had become a part.  It had forgotten about the sea and came to enjoy its life in the river as it lazily made its way.

Moving unconsciously with it’s current the drop was unaware of its place in the river.  The past was but vague memories and the future a great unknown into which it was going.  From its small vantage within the river’s flow, the drop could not see that the entirety of the river was a single moment.

Gracefully, the young woman dove from the dock into the river’s cool waters.  Surfacing she lay on her back floating serenely with the gentle current.  Peacefully she watched the sky as white puffy clouds drifted lazily across the sun.  Unconsciously she swallowed a small drop of water from her dive.

As if from a dream the drop found itself snatched from the river and moving through a warm darkness.  The electrifying spark of creation and life enveloped it as it moved in awe of the transformation of which it was now a part. Moving through the woman’s body an awareness of beauty and great joy grew within it.  Mingling with her cells the drop came to know a greater consciousness.  Carrying precious nutrients to the child growing within her, the drop caught a glimpse of a cycle more wondrous than anything it had known.  The drop began to know the cycle in the wondrous gift of life.  It came to see all the roles it had played to reach this point were but moments in its journey home.

As the day ended the drop’s awareness had expanded to a point where it could see through to the heart of the sea from which it had come.   It realized that all things are interconnected and that no one thing could exist without the other.  The tiny drop now understood that all was one and it did not offer or require a reason for being.  It simply accepted it all as a wondrous adventure.

The drop gently emerged in a corner of the woman’s eye and slowly moved to the crest of her cheek.  Sparking with the last light of the setting sun it paused for a moment.  Full of life and light from the cycle almost complete and with the inner strength that comes through realization the drop returned to the sea.


William C. Judge 2018

2 thoughts on “A Simple Tear

    1. Thank You so very much. I’m so very glad your enjoying Billbo’s Blog. I truly enjoy writing them. All the best to you Bob and Andrew. If you have any suggestions on how I can reach more people please send me an e-mail.


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