Still With Me

Beneath my fingertips

I felt their last heartbeat

With an eye on the labored rise and fall of their chest

I saw their last breath

I watched the spark in their eyes go dark

As life left them

Then before me only a silent remnant

Of the life that once was


It was my job to tell you, parent

child, brother, sister

Watch as the color drained from your face

As the truth you already knew sank in

I saw the tears form in your eyes

They were gone

Death had taken them


I longed to reach out and comfort you

But there is no comfort in a moment such as this

I wanted to free you from your sorrow

A sorrow that touched so deeply

settling to your very core


Though a stranger, I felt your pain

It weighed heavily upon my heart

Chipping away at my facade

I couldn’t show it

I knew your suffering as if it were my own

I wanted to hold you close

Tell you everything would be ok

We both knew that would be a lie


I don’t know how to comfort you

There are no words this stranger in your home could utter

That would cool the frayed nerves which burn so intensely

Know that I will hold you in my heart

And love you in my prayers

I return to the firehouse and await the next call

I will remember you

Though you will only remember my words of truth


It’s a human thing

As you are suffering, you are not alone

We are suffering with you

As you are crying, you are not alone

We are crying with you

As you are praying, you are not alone

We are praying with you


William C. Judge

F.D. Captain


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