From a Dream: Part 1


Born from a higher vibration of light the Children of the Divine came to be. Joyous in being they dreamt of infinite possibilities, expanding and filling the void with their awareness.  Finding a voice within the dream they began to sing.  Tentatively at first, their true pitch singular in sound, echoed out to touch and fill the space between.  Each deliberate in tempo, reaching and rebounding in perfect harmony.  The bliss of awareness resounding, echoing back in accord they sang the song of creation.  With the wondrous rhythm of love moving through them they danced. Their movement, weaving tapestries of many-colored light and energy swirling through the firmament.  Lost in the trance of dances the Children of the Divine, delving deeper into creation’s rhythm, brought forth the universal consciousness.

Discovering new rhythms, their songs evolved and grew in intricate movements and tempo. Through the measure of the song and light, great clouds of energy and color moved through the heavens as creation’s womb, the birthplace of stars. The Children of the Divine brought forth a new awareness. In a flash of energy, the stars came into being.  Wondrous beings of light and energy they began to illuminate the Divine’s creation.  Each new star was unique in its vibration and light shining outward touching the others.  The distance between them merely a moment measured by light’s rhythm.  Inspired by their brothers and sisters, amidst the wonders of the universe, the stars were moved to song and they too began to sing a higher vibration and dance creation’s dance.  Their song, a beacon of love, calling the fragments of the universes to them and forming new worlds of wonder.

Solid mass, oceans and sky, the Earth came to be along with the other Children of the Sun: planets, comets, asteroids and so much more.  In synchronous concert the Children of the Sun danced in their orbits through the heavens.  Nurtured by the sun, the giver of life, and bathed in her conscious connection with the Children of the Divine, the Earth brought forth an abundance of life.  Unseen spirits dwelling in sacred places, blessing and protecting all who lived with them in harmony.  Extraordinary creatures of every form and shape imaginable roamed her land, swam in her seas and flew in her skies.  Each new form a reflection of love, each a precious gift descended from the Divine.  The rhythm of creation’s song moving through all life, the order of the universe came to be.  The tempo continuing through birth, life, death and rebirth, a wondrous dance reflecting the measure and love of the Divine.

All as one, created and living within the higher vibration of the divine in perfect synchronous accord.  Within the heart of each being lives a reflection of the Divine.  A sacred place of love and peace.  A precious gift and reminder from the source.


William C. Judge 2019

Authors Note.  This is the first installment from the “From a Dream” series.

2 thoughts on “Creation

  1. Unlocking the doors within.

    Who has all the keys to unlock the doors within
    The knowledge of the Universe, the Earth phenomenon,
    The genius of creation in every possible form?
    The knowing of the answers within each of us is born

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