Spirits of the Earth

“Each world a wonder to be explored and experienced before returning home to the heart of the Divine.” -William C. Judge

From a Dream: Part II

Spirits of the Earth

Reflecting and refracting the full spectrum of light and higher vibration from within, vast clouds of gas, dust, and energy emerge as consciousness; an expansive mandala of life creating life illuminating its way outward, filling the void with awareness.  Billions of stars revealing and expanding creation through the limitlessness of space.  There is order in the movement as all things come to be.  Cause and effect, there are no accidents each conception is with purpose from the heart of the Divine.

On an arm of a great spiral galaxy, brilliant with light and matter, the seeds of life needed for the birth of worlds comes together as a star explodes into brilliance.  A new mandala awakens and manifests according the design.  Hurtling through space around the newborn star, like attracting like, particles of matter are drawn together in a powerful display of the Divine’s will.  Super-heated masses erupt in spectacular bursts of life and energy, reaching outward to dance amidst the firmament.  Solar winds, moving to the song of the new star, carry and guide great clouds of gas and dust, coming together and binding they form giant planets of gas and matter.  Raging storms swirl across the giant’s surface in a graceful movement of color and motion.  Reaching outward, the giants draw solid mass to orbit about them as wondrous moons. Some frozen in impenetrable ice while others burst forth in molten splendor.  Each moon a life force of its own.

Incredible rings of ice and matter frame a moment of beauty amidst creation’s drama.  Spinning upon their axis, more planets of dimensions great and small come home to the Sun.  Comets venture far beyond the planets only to journey home passing once more around the Sun.  A great belt of scattered remains finds its orbit, awaiting the time for its role in this cosmic play to be revealed.  The family of the Sun has come to be.  Deeply interdependent, each new world a unique mandala holding keys to all that is.  Each a conscious being born from light and the vision of the infinite.  All in accord.

Through the Sun’s dream and will of the Divine, time and time again the heavy matter of an infant Earth erupts in super-heated displays of wonder.  Dividing and expanding, forming and reforming, she grows in life and consciousness.  Fire and ice, gravity and space, the young planet captures lighter elements, carried upon the solar winds, to surround her as a protective halo.  Eons of creation, only a moment in the limitless expanse of time, she slowly cools and awakens.

Through the life-sustaining blessing of the Sun, she becomes the young Mother Earth.  From her heart conscious energies and vibrations manifest in places of emerging life as gardener spirits.  Guiding and nurturing, they are her first children.  Vibrating the desires and beauty of their Mother they commune with and watch over all life growing within her.

In pools of love reflecting the vastness of space and home to the gardener spirits, seeds of life from matter are sown.  Nurtured by the spirits of these sacred places life thrives.  Tiny at first, it grows quickly and adapts to its place in the world.  Through the long eons the gardener spirits shape and help the new life evolve in diversity and beauty.  Spirits of the deepest reaches of the seas, and those of the shallow shorelines and reefs inspire life to dance from the ocean.  Across Mother Earth her children, the Spirits of Sacred Places of the sky, mountains, arctic and the tropical, move in synchronous motion tending to all life in the garden.

Home to a gardener spirit of the forest, a bubbling spring issues out from the mountainside creating a glorious waterfall.  Splashing over rocks the spray creates many rainbows of light.  Tumbling to the earth a reflecting pool of clear cool water takes shape.  The pool empties out below to a little stream which winds its way across the forest floor.  Home to an abundance of life, large-eyed creatures splash and swim about its crystal-clear waters.  Insects and worms thrive within the forest as an assortment of plants, from towering trees to low-growing shrubs spread.  Each life form dependent upon the other in perfect balance.  A relationship of cause and effect, an interdependent cycle of life.

The biodiversity surrounding the clear pool of water fills the air with fragrant blossoms in which butterflies, dragonflies and bees busy themselves.  The great trees towering overhead filter the life-giving sunlight through their many branches. Birds make their homes among the leaves and sing to the glory of it all as woodland creature’s drink from the stream and forage upon the rich foliage.  The pools still water reflects a clear blue sky by day and the stars at night, mirroring each life that visits it. The love of the gardener spirit that dwells in this peaceful place serves as a portal to the heart of Mother Earth.  As dusk settles in, a scattering of fireflies light and disappear as creatures of the night awaken.  All is connected in perfect balance as a mandala of creation echoing the song of the Divine.

Mother Earth is ever changing.  Great shifts of land masses and oceans reshape her. Through the Divine she manifests long ages of ice and drought.  The diversity of life within her, both plant and animal evolve.  Some become extinct while others move to take their place.  It is here in this marvelous realm of creation that a new mandala of awareness is formed.  From the life-giving warmth of the Sun and the nurturing nature of Mother Earth, the mandala of Man opens, and his journey begins.


William C. Judge 2019

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