The Mandala of Man

From a Dream: Part III

The Mandala of Man

Man’s ability to comprehend and experience the true nature of existence is obscured by the reality in which he lives.  Through the eyes of this conventional reality, we see only a limited physical world.   Ultimately all things are completely interdependent and until we see the depth of the truth of this we will remain in a cyclic existence of conventional realities.  A mandala is a sacred tool which provides us with a means to visualize and understand our interconnected nature and how we are moved through time and space by our actions, our karma.  -William C. Judge

The Mandala of Man

All that has come to be has been through the will of the Divine.  The Children of the Divine were the first to sing creation’s song.  Through their song of awareness and dance of life, a magnificent mandala of universal consciousness awoke and exploded outward, filling the void with billions of wondrous celestial bodies.  A heavenly ballet of galaxies filled with nebulae, stars and yet unnamed matter of creation, issued forth in an unending tale of all that is.  Each new life a mandala unto itself.

Upon the Earth, over many eons and countless cycles of life, the causes and conditions came together for the mandala of man to emerge.  Vast in its scope and freewill, this mandala arises from all the materials and energy from which man comes: the heart of the Divine, the light and warmth of the sun, the land, sea, and sky which are the womb of Mother Earth.  The mandala of man affects all things it touches sending out ripples of causation throughout the world; these ripples always return with an effect.

At our spiritual center resides our higher self, a luminous being of focused energy.  Emitting vibrating fibers of light in all directions, we are made up of and connected to the sun, moon and stars.  The mandala of our being contains all that we are or ever have been.  This mandala may be envisioned as a large patchwork garden consisting of an endless variety of interconnected spaces.  Some large and intricate while others are small and modest, each is created and nurtured by our thoughts and deeds, our karma.  The many patches are unified by our thoughts, intentions and actions and may be visualized as vines and runners, birds and bees moving between them, pollinating and carrying karmic seeds.  Some patches may lie dormant for many lifetimes awaiting the seeds to ripen so that it may once again bear fruit.

When we meet another for the first time, our mandala’s touch and a new patch begins to grow and bind us.  Small at first these new garden patches will expand in both size and intricacy.  As we become friends and share parts of our lives, our mandalas become more deeply intertwined.  Through this new person in our life more people may enter our mandala, connecting and growing it in complexity, creating yet another new mandala to which we all now belong.  In this way we find that the mandala of our being has expanded to ever larger mandalas of family, friends, communities and nations.

For any garden to be healthy it must be tended to, nurtured and loved. Ours is no different.  Eliminating the weeds of hatred, jealousy and anger allows room to sow the seeds of love.  While cutting the vines of clinging attachment to worldly things frees us to be more giving, creating a space for compassion to grow.  The mindful gardener remains constantly aware of how his thoughts and actions affect others and the world around him and how they in turn effect him.

When our time in this physical life comes to an end our mandala continues on.  Through the workings of our karmic connections, we are drawn towards our new parents.  As we come into this new physical life our mandala shifts its many patches, reshaping and forming as new forces of life come together.  The essence of our previous life is still present within us though we have now moved on.

Many of us move through life absorbed in our own personal sphere, completely disregarding the mandala of Mother Earth in which we live.  We often fail to see the importance of the countless creatures who inhabit this physical world with us.  We live as though we are somehow separate from them and Mother Earth.   In like fashion, most of us fail to acknowledge the many spirits of the Earth and other unseen beings that are here with us setting them aside as myths.  Fortunately, there are those who have learned to quite the mind and commune with our unseen cousins.  Whether we choose to accept them or not, our mandalas are completely intertwined, and the mechanics of cause and effect will not fail.  The effects of neglect and selfish desire spread like a disease throughout our entire world mandala.

When we recognize that all of creation falls within this wondrous patchwork garden mandala, we are soon able to catch a glimpse of our own mandala’s place within it.  By accepting and opening our hearts with loving kindness to the greater world mandala within which we live, we plant the seeds of peace and harmony.  Nurturing them with compassion we have the ability to heal the garden patches which have become sick with anger and greed.  In this way we are able effect change and heal ourselves and our home, Mother Earth.


William C. Judge 2019

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