Venerable Geshe Tsulga

Venerable Geshe Tsulga; A Single Day in a Lifetime of Practice 

Click above for the video

Venerable Geshe Tsulga at the Kadampa Center, Cary NC

“I was born in a small tent of the nomads in the north of Tibet in 1939 or 1940” he told me.  He did not know the exact date; these things weren’t important.  His journey from the Land of Snow, escaping over the Himalaya’s to India and a life in exile as the Chinese invaded Tibet is one of survival, determination and faith.  His struggles did not end upon arriving in India.  Many of the older Lama’s succumbed to heat and tropical diseases of India.

Geshe Tsulga in 1959 in Buxa, India

For this week’s Billbo’s Blog I thought I would share a documentary of one of Tibet’s greatest scholars.  Made in 2005 this is one of my first documentaries and gives a very up close and personal look at the life of Venerable Geshe Tsulga.  Geshe-La, as we called him, was my teacher and my friend.  He was the embodiment of compassion with an unshakable commitment to the Dharma.  He had a smile and a laugh that would brighten any room. 

Geshe La with my niece Marianne learning English.

I met Geshe-La when he first came to the US to teach in 1992.  I spent a lot of time with him those first couple years helping him learn English, looking after some of his needs and taking him on outings around North Carolina.  We laughed quite a bit at ourselves as we struggled to communicate over little things like, what to have for lunch.  I was also fortunate enough to travel with him to India where we visited many of the Buddhist holy sites and his monastery, Sera-Jey.  Through all of this we came to know each other very well.

Geshe-La and Billbo Carolina Beach, 1992.

Westerners have a difficult time understanding the life and commitment of a being a monk.  Letting go of our attachment to the things of this world for a life of practicing the Buddha Dharma is too much for us.  In the West we would say to a child, if you don’t behave, we will send you to the monastery.  In Tibet families would allow only their “best” child to go to the monastery and admonish them with, if don’t behave you will not be allowed to go to the monastery.  

 Click on the link below for a look inside the life of Geshe Tsulga. I hope that enjoy it and would love to hear your thoughts and answer any questions you may have.

Billbo with Geshe-La at Sera in South India, 2010

Venerable Geshe Tsulga; A Single Day in a Lifetime of Practice 

Click above for the video

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    Good evening everyone, usually i’m not into reblog, but this one took all my attention, it’s just feel so peaceful and inspiring, like it a lot, i hope you will too…❤️🙏

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    1. I hope that you were able to see the video. Geshe Tsulga was the most incredible of men. He is deeply missed. The video was one of my first documentaries so please excuse it for being perhaps a little clumsy.

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