Rains End

Rains End

I witnessed something today which filled me with joy.  At first, I couldn’t believe my eyes, but there it was.  Coming out of the darkness it began slowly, a little brightening of the world around me.  As if by magic a discernable shadow of a tree cast upon my soggy, weed-ridden lawn. 

I looked to the sky in complete amazement as the leaden gray canopy overhead began to break apart.  I watched in wonder as the bright white tops of clouds slowly revealed themselves and much to my delight, between them hints of a blue sky appeared.  Mesmerized by this glorious site I was completely taken aback when a magnificent bright yellow orb appeared.  I had to pause for a moment and search my memory for what this blinding thing was.  The Sun!  Yes, that was it.  The sun had returned from its long absence. 

The creatures of the neighborhood began to stir as if called out by this unbelievable site.  Birds rose up in song as sullen-faced strangers, tentative at first, smiled and took to the sidewalks with their waggy-tailed dogs.  Then the children appeared.  Brightly clothed with happy faces they played in the quickly evaporating puddles.

I had no choice but to join the many who had stepped out of hibernation to rejoice in this spectacular event.  As I sauntered through the neighborhood it seemed as if every bud blossomed before my very eyes.  An abundance of green leaves sprang from their hiding places, clothing the formerly barren trees.  Small pools of water reflected the brilliant blue peeking through in the sky above as those working on the ark across the way put down their tools recognizing that they may not need to build the vessel after all. 

To say we have had a lot of rain would be an understatement.


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