Happy to be back

Happy to be back

I have been far too long from writing Billbo’s Blog and have been suffering from writing withdrawal.  One of the common symptoms is an inability to focus on the conversation at hand.  Each word, phrase or sentence seems to trigger a thought for a new tale to tell with ideas coming at me from every direction.  For a brief moment I latch on to one to see where it will lead, only to be pulled by another and follow it as one would the Flying Dutchman, until another calls to me as a will-o’-the-wisp, enticing me down new pathways. 

Conversation obviously suffers as the person with whom I am conversing is met by a blank stare when a response on my part is expected.  To those who know me well the blank stare is a sign of my inner musings and is not intended to be a slight or an insult.  I can easily, though only temporarily, be brought back to the moment with a simple, “as I was saying.”

It is wonderful to have so many thoughtful paths to follow and write about.  It can also be so overwhelming I forget to write them down.  I wonder, would it be rude to stop someone in the middle of a conversation and say, “Just a moment I have to write something down”? And then spend the next five minutes scribbling my idea on whatever scrap of paper is available? 

Please dear friends I mean no offense by this strange behavior, it is my affliction.  I am thrilled to be back at the keyboard writing for you.  I can think of nothing more exciting than examining the possibilities of this wonderous world and exploring the words to share it with you.

What are some of these ideas you might ask?  Well thank you for asking and I’ll share a few of them with you:

I have had requests to write more on karma.  I will certainly oblige this request though I can’t say when.  Karma is what makes things happen in the world.  You might even say that our lives are completely governed by it.  I’ll be the first to tell you that I’m no high lama or spiritually evolved being, but I have had the good fortune to meet a few and receive teaching from them.

Another topic to come will be why I have been absent this past month or so.  The fact is I have been spending my time in a remote location filming and photographing an archaeological dig in South Carolina.  Just as impressive and amazing as what they find and are studying, is the team doing the work in the steamy South Carolina heat.  This was my second year on this site and the volunteers, paid archaeologist, students and leaders of this group are the most dedicated, hardworking folks I have ever had the honor to work with.

I am also writing a longer tale from my journeys through India with a Tibetan Lama.  This one will have to be a two or three-part tale as there is so much to share.  We traveled from the far north where I was fortunate to briefly meet His Holiness the Dali Lama to the far south and the amazing Sera Monastic University that has been built in exile.

I’m very excited to be back at the keyboard and can’t wait to share these tales with you and most importantly to hear your thoughts on them.  To you my fellow travelers on this wondrous journey, if you have a topic you would like to discuss, please let me know in the comments section and I’ll add it to the que.


June 2019

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