Moments with God

Moments with God

Our experience of the infinite comes to us in moments of stillness and mostly when we least expect it.  These precious moments often appear once we have put aside the noise which surrounds us, when we somehow are able to turn off the nagging voices in our head, allowing the troubles of the mundane to fall away.  In these moments of grace and beauty time stands still and the wonder of the infinite touches us and fills us with a sublime joy which cannot be measured.  

Portraits of Moments

The Storm

I could not help myself.  I clearly saw the fast-moving storm approaching, hypnotized by its incredible raw power I knew that I had to experience it fully.  Foolishly, I remained at the end of the old rickety pier awaiting its arrival. 

The wind reached me first with a huge gust bending the trees along the shoreline.  Lightning danced from cloud to cloud in brilliant blue.  The temperature dropped as intense flashes cast shadows amidst the golden-white clouds billowing overhead.  Big fat cold raindrops made slapping noise as they splattered around me.  The day turned dark as another thunderous deep-base boom sent out sonic waves of sound, announcing the storm had truly arrived.  A torrent of rain fell turning the water into a boiling tumult of noise.  Lightning flashed and the smell of ozone filled the air.  The wind gusted and the thunder continued its assault as the pelting rain increased.  Still I stood there silent, completely in the moment as the cold rain streamed down my face, reveling in this awesome display of nature.  The world had disappeared, it was just me and the storm engaged in a euphoric and intimate union.  

Standing enraptured by this incredible display of nature on that old wooden dock I watched the turbulent waters begin to calm as the storm moved off across the water.  It’s diminishing thunder echoed across the sound, rumbling in its fading glory.  The dark ominous clouds with their anvil shaped head drifted low toward the far-off shoreline.  The cool breeze was chill against my rain-soaked clothes.  I watched as the brilliant blue flashes of lightning connected heaven and earth.  A dance with nature and a blending with God.

A Sea of Mountains

Hiking through the thick rhododendron tunnel in the Blue Ridge mountains was suffocating.  The hot still air hung heavy with humidity, making breathing a chore, but there was no complaint, only determination.  Feeling the tease of a faint breeze he pressed on.  The steep rocky trail was slick with mud from an afternoon shower.  Rounding a switchback in the trail he steps out onto a rocky outcrop and takes in the incredible vista before him.

The late-day sun warmed the scattered clouds as they transformed from white to gold, then orange.  Volumetric light filtered through the clouds painting the forest and fields far below with patches of illumination. Before him in the distance, layer upon layer of mountains extend as far as the eye could see.  Each ridge shrouded in a smoky haze with different shades of deep blues and slight hints of green.  They appeared as if a once troubled ocean of enormous waves suddenly froze in time, their jagged peaks and smooth faces solidifying into a glorious sea of mountains. 

He sat in the shade of an old scrub oak that was clinging to life on the rocky edge.   Water from his water bottle soothed the fire in his parched throat.  Two large birds of prey circled in the sky before him, riding the updrafts and unseen currents of air they soared effortlessly.  In his mind’s eye his soul reached out, leaving the world behind, he soared with them.

The Concert

Waves of intensity from the band had begun to fade.  The guitars, drums and other instruments which were so alive only moments before now sit as inanimate objects on the stage awaiting the numerous black and stenciled cases around them.  The exhilaration of the music had reached its peak with a brilliantly colored and booming display of fireworks, the echoes of light and sound now dissipating into the night.  Two lovers embrace, an old quilted blanket wrapped around them like a cocoon protecting them from the chill.  A moist fog moved across the field enveloping and isolating them.  They don’t hear the excited murmur of the wraith like crowd leaving the litter-strewn field.  They didn’t smell the burnt powder of the fireworks drifting around them and they didn’t see the scattered glow sticks and rings that only a short time ago moved in motion to the music as they danced.  They were two souls touching, holding each other close, heartbeats in rhythm.  An aura of peace gently radiated from them.  As the intensity faded their hearts meld and vibrate in harmony with the whispered embrace of all that is.

New Life

The room is silent.  Partially drawn curtains allow the golden light of the setting sun to paint it with a warm glow.  Teddy bears, rabbits, lambs and other stuffed animals are scattered about the room.  Each with a stitched smile upon its face, watching with unseeing eyes.  A young mother rests peacefully upon the bed, a white slightly wrinkled sheet loosely draped over her.  A subtle smile on her calm and pretty face as her newborn sleeps contently upon her breast.  The infant little lips moving gently as its tiny hands curl around Mommy’s hair.  The trauma of a new life entering the world has passed.  The bond of love between mother and child grows deeper with each breath.  It is a love like she has never known, and it fills her with awe and wonder in the miracle of life.  As a soft golden light fills her, she wraps her baby in its warmth.  The world faded away.  It is just the two of them.  A beautiful and eternal moment of love.       

Afterglow of Love

Naked bodies entwined, breathing as one they lay together in a soft afterglow as waves of ecstasy fade.  The cares of the world have vanished. There was nothing else.  There was no one else, just the two of them, their souls touching as intensely as the love they made.  Hearts beating in synchronous rhythm, their energies swirl within and around them in a moment of joy and love.  No words are spoken. Each basking in the gentle touch of the other.  The intense passion of their love making melts into a place of contentment and a union of soul.


We touch, feel, define and come to know God in our own unique way.  Opening ourselves and abandoning the mundane, we experience life differently.  These precious moments with God are where we begin to see and understand the true nature of our existence.  They are a peek beyond the veil which clouds our knowing.  The realization of God and how we truly exist cannot come from another nor can it magically be placed within us.  We learn to see the nature God and the wondrous mystery of life as we quiet our troubled mind and let go, leaving the things of this world behind.  Through the inner peace that comes to us in such moments we may begin to explore the silence within. Within this silence we come to know and understand that God is not “out there” but rather in here.  We are not separate from God and God is not separate from us.  To know God is to know ourselves.

My friends if you are so inspired please share your moments of God, the infinite or whatever you would like to call it.  We would all love to know your heart.


July 2019

6 thoughts on “Moments with God

        1. I find we all experience moments where we feel in touch with our essence. These moments are beyond words and transcend the mundane giving us inspiration, a reason to keep going and hope that all of the madness in this world will someday make sense.

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          1. I can understand that, i hope that things for you and for this world turns in a better way, sending best wishes and stay well:)🤗

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