Dewdrops and Reflections

Dewdrops and Reflections

Within a million dewdrops lives a countless number of singular reflections.  Each an exact copy of the other from an ever so slightly different perspective.  I enjoy exploring them in the early morning light as they cling to blades of grass, a flower or the branches of a tree.  The first light of day causes them to sparkle and illuminate a spider’s web.  Defying gravity they reflect and hold the world around them, the entirety of the sky, the colors of the earth and the fleeting moments of life that pass by. 

Holding within it endless images of itself and true reflections of others, the depth of each drop is immeasurable.  Explore them and you will find infinite reflections of the world held within each.  Beginningless time stretching in all directions for eternity, all within the life of a single dewdrop.  The entirety of the universe captured within a moment.

Our physical form consists primarily of water, countless drops coming together in life.  They move together and reflect each other and the soul within.  Our reflected soul reaches out to the countless lives created around and within us.  Much like the dewdrop, we hold each life within as a many faceted jewel, a pure reflection of our soul, our true self.  Images of the others echoing back and forth, sharing a common life revealing our intimate interconnectedness to all things.

We are not separate from the world around us.  We are an integral part of its creation through our reflection of the truths of life and love.  Living a life of love and compassion creates the images we send out to the world transforming darkness to light, returning to us as peace and a Pureland.


July 2019

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