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Prayer for Healing the Earth

  Medicine Buddha Mantra: Tayata Om Bekandze Bekandze Maha Bekandze Randze Samungate Soha đź’¦ At the very beginning, when Medicine Buddha first generated compassion for sentient beings, Medicine Buddha wished to benefit all sentient beings. The root of all this power is Medicine Buddha’s great compassion, which embraces all us sentient beings. Medicine Buddha developed … Continue reading Prayer for Healing the Earth

The Weight of Darkness

A tired mind The weight of darkness An impenetrable veil Eyes wide open, searching A silent scream from a mouth agape Long fingers reaching for light from slender hands The surrounding darkness closes in Obscuring all horizons Eyes searching, but not seeing A deafening silence pervades Music is muted there is no singing Flat and … Continue reading The Weight of Darkness

Chakra 4

Billbo’s Blog 01/06/2019 This week on Billbo’s Blog comes a video from Billbo’s Wondrous Journey. Chakra 4 A young girl looks within and discovers the world within and around her. I created this video, which features Mariko, several years ago for Jon Anderson (YES),. I have loved and been inspired by Jon Anderson’s music since … Continue reading Chakra 4