No Need to Cry

Her room was filled with the things from childhood. The little girly things a teenager holds onto as she transitions into becoming a young woman. 


Beards Balms and Goo

Then there is the perfectly styled, wild and unkempt look. A bit of an oxymoron I realize, but there it is. This seems to be the style for those who want to look like a wild man of the wood but not actually be one.

What People are Saying About Billbo’s Blog

I am incredibly humbled by these kind words and so happy that you have found Billbo’s Blog and chose to join the journey.  There are so many in the world, like yourself, that would enjoy a little laughter or perhaps finds some comfort and insight.  I need you help to reach them.  Please share this … Continue reading What People are Saying About Billbo’s Blog

When Your Karma Breaks Down You Have to Fix It Yourself

Anger is like a hot coal that you throw at the object of your anger. You may or may not hit the object, but you will always get burned.

Fears and Far Off Lands

You simply cannot fully experience the Yamuna River flowing lazily past the Taj Mahal at sunset unless you are standing upon the white marble yourself. 

Ireland and the Lost People of South Carolina

In a remote part of County Sligo, Ireland I parked the car on the side of a lonely single-track road.  I had been searching for this place for many years through both genealogy and family lore.  My wife Andrea and I walked silently along taking in the tranquil beauty of the place, remembering its tragic … Continue reading Ireland and the Lost People of South Carolina

I Am Another Yourself

There is nothing new except what has been forgotten. 

Human Being

Ahhh, now it’s time to take that deep breath and relax.  All of the Doing is done!