Still With Me

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Beneath my fingertips

I felt their last heartbeat

With an eye on the labored rise and fall of their chest

I saw their last breath

I watched the spark in their eyes go dark

As life left them

Then before me only a silent remnant

Of the life that once was

It was my job to tell you, parent

child, brother, sister

Watch as the color drained from your face

As the truth you already knew sank in

I saw the tears form in your eyes

They were gone

Death had taken them

I longed to reach out and comfort you

But there is no comfort in a moment such as this

I wanted to free you from your sorrow

A sorrow that touched so deeply

settling to your very core

Though a stranger, I felt your pain

It weighed heavily upon my heart

Chipping away at my facade


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One Year Old Today

Today marks the one year anniversary of Billbo’s Blog.  Thank you for your support and all of the wonderful comments.  I would like to invite you to join the journey and share it with others by following Billbo’s Blog at I would surely like to reach more people and to do that I need … Continue reading One Year Old Today

Which Way

Which Way At the end of 1993 I had come to a place where I was faced with two possible futures.  Of course, there are always many options in life, but these two had my heart and my soul.  I had arrived at this place of change and exploration of new directions, having come through … Continue reading Which Way

Human Being

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Human Being

Now in my later 50’s and recently laid-off I find myself at the crossroads of many possible futures.  A greeter at Wallmart, not that there is anything wrong with being a greeter I’m just not sure it would be a good match for me.  My financial adviser tells me I could retire if I chose.  Hmmm retirement, isn’t that what we have all been working towards all these long years?  Owning a little cookie cutter house in some retirement community in Florida with a name like Sunny Acres complete with its own golf course. The wife could play bridge with the ladies while I chase the little white ball dressed like a highlighter in white shoes. Other than the fact that I despise golf and the wife doesn’t play bridge there is one major problem with this scenario.  I’m not ready for Sunny Acres or any other pasture. …

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The Space in Which We Live

We each bring our own unique energy to a space and when combined with that of family, friends and all of the experiences we have there, this energy grows and becomes a very real thing.

Moods and Moments

While it’s true that we can’t tell ourselves how to feel and instantly change from sad to happy, we do have the power to alter our perspective and open our hearts to seeing the world a little differently.